The Warehouse Amsterdam city centre

Contemporary suite and studio in 19th century warehouse

like running?

Do you like running? I do. I take my running shoes where ever I go. 

In and around Amsterdam there are some very popular running events. And when you come home after a ’ heavy duty’ run, you can stretch your legs in our BB The Warehouse. 

You can run early in the morning and see the city wake up. You can run in one of the parks, for instance the Vondelpark, The Oosterpark or The Westerpark. You won't be the only one. And of course you can run along the Amstel River or the Rijnkanaal. 

But there are some running events in Amsterdam (or nearby) which you shouldn't miss. You'll find my favorite list here. If you are in Amsterdam, you might want to join. 

Amsterdam Marathon

Always on the third Sunday in October: the main running event of Amsterdam: the Amsterdam Marathon. You can run either half the distance or go for every inch of the 42,195 km. Start and finish are in the historical Olympic Stadium. Don’t miss it!

The half marathon of Egmond is a heroic run. You will run on the beach, the second Sunday of january. The weather can be nice, but it can also be bitter cold. You can also choose for a quarter marathon 10,5 km.

Groet uit Schoorl

Groet uit Schoorl is a very popular event in the region. The distances are 10 km, 21 or 30 km. You will run through the beautyfull dunes of the Noord Holland Region of the Netherlands. Groet uit Schoorl takes place the second Sunday of February.


Always wanted to run on a racing circuit? In Zandvoort this is possible. The Zandvoort Circuitrun is organized since 5 years in the last weekend of March. First you will run on the circuit, then you will run on the beach, then through the village of Zandvoort and you will finish on the circuit again. Don’t miss this 12 km very special run! You can also run 5 k or a half marathon. 

Dam tot Dam

The Damloop is one of the most famous runs in the Netherlands. You will be running 10 english miles (16,1 km) from Amsterdam to Zaandam. It's one of my favourites and it 's a good test for a half marathon. Always on the third Sunday of September. Since 2015 you can also run 5EM on Saturday night, through the illuminated streets of Zaandam.

Rondje Mokum

Rondje Mokum exists out of 7 runs, from 5 k till 15 k. The runs take you through several neighborhoods of Amsterdam. They have no English website yet, but try this one